Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Moose Brook Brimming



Moose Brook stumbles over rocks

exposed by its gusts of erosion.

We gaze at the reckless flow

caused by the warping of spacetime.

Einstein knew a thing or two

the way we know angels don’t exist

yet exert massive influence.


The brook is headstrong with melt.

No angels, but wanton forces

prod and mock the sudsing current,

accounting for its outraged look.

If we could flow with such power

we’d smooth ourselves into success,

both worldly and the other kind.


The brook tolerates and even

thrives on a rough geometry

that could easily break our bones.

Maybe we also would thrive

if thaw bulked our modest egos

the way it has bulked Moose Brook,

roaring with unfiltered lust.




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